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English keyboard vs Spanish Key board

As you are probably aware the some Spanish letters have characters that are not supported by the English keyboard. In order to write proper Spanish you need those characters, so I thought to include them in this post.

If you are writing on plain text editor (communicator, MSN, Skype, wordpad, wordpress etc) for the vowels (lower cases) you can use Alt+ctrl and then the relevant vowel á é í ú ó

If you are not writing on plain text or for other character you need a code.

Vowels lower cases

á = Alt + 0225

é = Alt + 0233

í = Alt + 0237

ó = Alt + 0243

ú = Alt + 0250    (diéresis) ü = Alt + 0252

Vowels capital letters

Á = Alt + 0193

É = Alt + 0201

Í = Alt + 0205

Ó = Alt + 0211

Ú = Alt + 0218    (diéresis) Ü = Alt + 0220


ñ = Alt + 0241

Ñ = Alt + 0209

I hope this helps when you write in Spanish. Any questions leave me a message


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